2647 Square Feet, 5 Bedrooms, 3½ Batrooms, 3 Parking Space …

5 Bedroom 3 Bath House Plans,5 Bedroom 3 Bath House plans,2647 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 3½ batrooms, 3 parking space ...

5 Bedroom 3 Bath House plans – Carpet has not historically been a popular 5 Bedroom 3 Bath House plans option due to its difficulty in maintenance and cleaning. But the latest carpet tiles are a modern room floor solution. Designed and tested to be industrial grade for high traffic areas, made of durable, easy to clean materials and easy to install, they may be the perfect 5 Bedroom 3 Bath House plans . The best part is that a carpet tile can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

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post title : 5 Bedroom 3 Bath House Plans

post date : November 30, 2017

author : Wilfried Maier

image source : www.houseplanshut.com/2647-square-feet-5-bedrooms-3-batrooms-3-parking-space-on-1-levels-house-plan-2649/

Tips: Choose a carpet tile from a company like Flor, designed for the modern, DIY consumer. Buy an extra box of tiles and keep for future replacements. For a modern look, use carpet tiles selectively in certain areas of your kitchen like the image above, instead of wall to wall.

Pros: Durable, modern colors and textures, soft and padded, recyclable.
Cons: Needs frequent cleaning and vacuuming.

Cost: $1.85 to $8.00 per square foot, not including installation.

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